Water Damage and Clogged Rain Gutters

If you’re a resident of Central Texas, chances are you’ve been hit by severe rainfall at some point. Weather in Texas can change on the drop of a dime. This causes a lot of folks to get caught in a disaster that they hadn’t planned for. Instead of dealing with the normal day to day, you might find yourself dealing with the clean up after unexpected flooding. You need to expect the best and plan for the worst in order to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Water trickling out of downspout

What is a Downspout?

The gutter downspout is the vertical pipe attachment that moves water out of your gutters and away from your building to empty safely into a separate drainage system. Gutters, which are the horizontal pipes that run alongside the edge of your roof, carry all of this precipitation off of your building’s roof and direct it towards the downspout.