Gutter Guards and Leaf Screens in San Antonio

Are you tired of constantly cleaning your gutters or worrying about clogs? Our gutter guards and leaf screens provide a hassle-free solution to keep your gutters clog-free year round, so that you can enjoy free-flowing gutters that keep your home safe and enhance its curb appeal.

Reduce the need for frequent gutter cleaning
Prevent clogs caused by leaves and debris
Extend the life of your gutter system
Protects your home’s foundation
Perfectly sized for your home
Lifetime clog free guarantee

84 Month 0% Financing Available
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Gutter Protection Add-ons

Leaf Screens

Our Leaf screens are an effective solution for deflecting leaves and preventing them from clogging your gutters. Made with powder-coated steel screens that lock onto your gutters, they’re a long-lasting and low-profile way to protect your home from water damage and keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters.

How It Works:

With their slick, snag-free surface, our leaf screens ensure that leaves effortlessly slide off your gutters, keeping them clog-free. This not only prevents blockage and overflowing, but also promotes the free-flowing of rainwater, ensuring that water flows into your gutters and steers clear of your exterior walls, areas surrounding the foundation and landscaping.

Benefits of Leaf Screens:

Clog Prevention

Keeps your gutters clear of debris.

Reduce Risk of Water Damage

Keeps water flowing into your gutters and away from your home.

Low Maintenance

Leaf screens eliminate gutter cleaning.

Improved Rainwater Harvesting

Collect leaf-free rain water that’s great for harvesting.

Extend Your Gutters Lifespan

Extend the life of your gutters and save on repairs.

Wide Variety

Choose from four unique styles to suit your preferences.

Types of Leaf Screens

Roll Lock:

Designed to slide under your first row of shingles for a seamless and elegant look.

Step Lock:

Easy to remove for maintenance—ideal for areas with heavy rainfall.

Flat Lock:

Incredibly low profile, virtually invisible from the ground.

Round Lock:

Specifically designed for half-round gutters.

LeaFree Gutter Guards

Unlike leaf screens, which use metal screens to block out leaves, low-profile gutter guards feature a curved top, and use water adhesion to keep debris out. They can also be custom-fit to any gutter system and work with any roof-pitch, making for a seamless gutter filtration system that offers uniform appearance—instantly adding curb appeal to your home. Our gutter guards fit both new and existing gutters, attach to nearly all gutter styles, and come in over 15 colors, so that you can match them to your home’s exterior.

How It Works:

Gutter guards work by using the scientific principle of water adhesion, the concept whereby water naturally sticks to any surface it comes into contact with. The guard itself features a nose-forward design that creates a curved surface that directs water downward, along the top of the guard and into your gutter. This ensures that water seamlessly flows, with overflowing, while preventing leaves and debris from entering your gutters.

Benefits of Gutter Guards


Designed to handle heavy rainfall and the toughest of storms.

Effective Design

Water follows the gutter, while debris is washed away.

Heavy Duty

Made with aluminum that won’t warp or distort.

Attractive Appearance

Blends seamlessly with your roofline.

Hanger & Bracket Free

Easy installation without the need for brackets.


Choose between standard and high-flow panels to suit your needs.

Types of LeaFree Gutter Guards

Guard Panel:

Our Guard Panel gutter guards feature a curved top that effectively guides water into the gutter while keeping unwanted elements out. They’re a standard option for general service areas where efficient debris prevention is essential. If you’re looking for a dependable solution that suits most residential settings, the Guard Panel is the way to go.


High Flow Panel:

For areas prone to heavy rainfall or significant debris buildup, our High Flow Panel gutter guards are the perfect solution. These panels feature openings on both the top and adjacent lip of the guard panel, which allow more water to enter, effectively ensuring that water flows efficiently in even the harshest conditions. If you want extra protection against heavy rainfall and debris, the High Flow Panel is the ideal choice.

Our Hassle-Free Process

Schedule a Consultation 

Give us a call to schedule a free on-site consultation! Our team of gutter installers will stop by your home to inspect and measure your gutters, discuss any potential challenges, and help you determine the best option for your home.

On-Site Fabrication 

After your consultation, we’ll measure the exact dimensions of your gutter system to create a perfect-fitting leaf screen or gutter guard. Then we’ll fabricate your custom gutter guard onsite at a time that’s convenient for you.

Seamless Installation 

Once your custom-fitted gutter guard has been fabricated, we’ll immediately install your guard, so that fabrication and installation only take one day. Our gutter installers will use the best techniques to ensure your gutter guard is installed properly and securely, and won’t leave until your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Serving Central Texans For Over 15 Years

We’re happy to provide our professional leaf screen and gutter guard installations throughout central San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Call today to find out if we service your area!

We serve customers in:

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Both our gutter guards and leaf screens can be installed on existing gutter systems or during new gutter installations.

Gutter guards are a custom-fit gutter solution that can be modified to fit perfectly with the exact specifications of your home. Our on-site gutter installers will use specialized machinery to cut and install your gutter guards to the exact size and length of your home, ensuring the best possible fit and performance.

Our heavy-duty aluminum gutter guards are designed to withstand pests like squirrels and birds, preventing them from entering your gutters.

Yes, we provide a lifetime anti-clog guarantee on our leaf screens and offer military discounts for service members.

Our Gutter Guards are designed to be completely clog and maintenance free. In the rare event that your system does become clogged, we’ll clean or repair them for free.

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