Professional House Painting Services in San Antonio

The difference between owning a house and having a home lies in the effort put into making it more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and personalized. One of the best ways to make your home more enjoyable is by adding a fresh coat of paint. At American Hill Country Painting & Remodeling, our house painters in San Antonio, TX have the skills needed to complete your painting project efficiently and leave you satisfied with the work done. Remember, when it comes to residential painting, there are many different colors and shades to choose from. Whether you want to create a colorful setting that brings out the happiness in people or have a color tone that is calming, there are numerous options available to you.

The purpose of painting a house is to restore its beauty and make it more lively and accommodating. You can go at it and get the job done yourself to save a few bucks, but will your skills live up to your expectations? Whether you need to add a fresh coat of paint inside or outside your home, AHC Painting & Remodeling can provide the reliable service you need. For best results, we recommend partnering with professional house painters in San Antonio that have the proven track record necessary to get the job done! If you need house painters in San Antonio, TX, or the surrounding area, our team has just what you need to get the job done! Contact our expert team today to secure your FREE consultation!

Experienced House Painters in San Antonio

If you are wondering whether it is time for your house to get a fresh paint job, then it probably is. If so, do not worry. American Hill Country Painting and Remodeling is an experienced San Antonio painting company that is equipped to handle all of your painting needs.

Our mission is to offer excellent services and exceptional products to ensure that our clients are satisfied. This is achieved by channeling our ingenuity and adhering to our core values at all times. These values are:

  • Integrity
  • Selfless service
  • Commitment
  • Duty

Before and After Painting

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white stone house before painting jobresidential house after painting job
balcony before painting jobbalcony after painting job
house before painting jobgreen painted house with white and red trim

Expert San Antonio House Painters

Whether you want interior house painters in San Antonio, TX or exterior house painting services, our team of residential painters can handle the job. We can assist you in planning your custom painting project to make sure that desired results are achieved.

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Interior Painting in San Antonio

Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more – we can give your San Antonio home the interior you’ve always dreamed of. Learn More

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Exterior Painting in San Antonio

We offer you a superior paint finish on any type of exterior, including brick, vinyl, wood, and more. Learn More

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Does your home have some wear and tear? Our services can refresh and repair small imperfections on your home’s exteriors and interiors.

Does Your House Need San Antonio House Painting?

If you are not sure whether it is time for a new coat of paint, here are some of the telltale signs.

Bubbling, Peeling, or Cracked Paint

Some of the easiest to spot signs are cracked, peeling, or bubbling paint. Such damage to paint requires a swift response as it not only damages visual appeal but also exposes your house to long-term damage. When wood is exposed to snow or rain, it may begin to rot, or mold and mildew may appear.

Fading Color

As time goes by, exposure to UV rays from the sun causes paint to fade. Since it happens gradually, it is not easily noticeable. But, upon close investigation, you may notice that there is a huge difference. An easy way to ascertain this is by looking at old photos and comparing them to how the paint looks.

The Paint Isn’t Exciting

Your current coat of paint doesn’t need to be damaged or faded for you to switch to a new one. After all, paint is primarily a décor element in your house. If the current color does not excite you anymore, or you just want to try something different, you do not need any other reason.

See Some Examples

These are real painting projects that we have worked on in San Antonio.

Why Us?

When applying a coat of paint, you want it to be done well so that the need to revisit the paint job does not arise anytime in the near future. This is why American Hill Country Painting and Remodeling goes the extra mile to offer quality services professionally. Learn more about our San Antonio house painting services and remember to secure your FREE paint job consultation as soon as possible!

Exceeding our clients’ expectations is one of our objectives for every project. This is why our interior house painters in San Antonio never sub-contract your house to other painters. For each project, we only use our interior San Antonio house painters and the highest quality paint. As a result, you benefit from the best professional standards and exquisite finish.

Though we offer full house painting packages, you also have the option to request one of our room-specific packages. Considering that conditions vary in different rooms, we use whatever paint is most suitable for each. Since bathrooms have extra moisture and steam from showers, substandard paints tend to peel off within short amounts of time. To address this challenge, our interior San Antonio painters use Aura Bath and Spa paint designed for humid conditions without compromising on quality.

It is easy for kitchen paint to stain because of grease stains and other kitchen products. However, by using premium glossy and semi-gloss stains, we will leave you with an easy-to-clean coat of paint in your kitchen.

When people arrive at your home, the first thing they see is the building’s exterior. Unfortunately, since this part of the house is exposed to weather elements, the paint fades faster or can begin to flake or peel off. If left unattended, your beautiful home can end up looking like a deserted one.

Fortunately, our painting services extend to the exterior of your house to ensure your home is appealing both inside and outside. Our exterior San Antonio painting services include application to … :

  • Doors
  • Fencing
  • Brick
  • Eaves
  • Fascia
  • Shutters
  • Siding
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Windows

As an experienced San Antonio house painting company, we understand that the harmful elements that exterior paint is exposed to require a paint job that is highly resistant to fading and weathering. As such, we only use premium exterior paints, stains, and primers from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

By using Sherwin Williams Emerald paint, which comes with water spotting resistance, streaking resistance, stain prevention, and washability, your paint will remain colorful and beautiful for years. For wooden surfaces, the Benjamin Moore arborcoat stain enhances the grain and texture.

In many cases, before San Antonio house painters can begin applying a fresh coat of paint, some structural changes may be necessary. In order to save you the hassle of looking for other contractors, we have an in-house remodeling team of carpenters. Before painting begins, they handle remodeling tasks such as:

  • Trimming doors and windows to required sizes
  • Installing window seals
  • Crown molding and Shiplap installation
  • Siding installation and repair

With such complementary services, remodeling and painting can become an easy undertaking for you and your home.

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